Presentation of air handling units KA in Serbia


At the 44th international congress on HVAC&R KGH taking place in Belgrade this week, Kolektor presents itself with products for air conditioning. Special attention is paid mostly on the family of air handling units Kolektor AIR (KA) for which Kolektor Koling acquired international certificate Eurovent this year.

On the three-day congress, guests from the Ex-Yugoslavia countries, Europe, USA and South Korea will discuss the trends of HVAC&R development. They will discuss ever growing demand for new technologies, improvements and innovation of HVAC equipment and systems with the goal to improve power efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a product of combustion of the fossil fuels from supply of heat and electrical energy in block of flats or other building and HVAC systems in industry sector. The goal is to stimulate researchers, engineers and producers of equipment to develop and produce more efficient and sustainable HVAC solutions.

Kolektor Koling exhibits air handling units KA for which they acquired international certificate Eurovent this year.  According to the Kolektor Koling representatives, they moved another step further in production quality of air handling units that range among the best products in this segment worldwide.

KGH 2013

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