We assured good atmosphere/climate for the European championship in basketball


With renovation of the Podmežakla sports hall, the municipality of Jesenice and also its wider surroundings acquired appropriate infrastructure for training and hosting of matches at the European level. What`s more, the renovation enables better resp. more rational multi-use of the se premises. In this sports object - representing an important part of the sport & recreation offer of the North-West of Slovenia, Kolektor Koling implemented its solutions from the field of venting and air-conditioning.

The reconstruction works realized on the hall included renovation of the roof and the façade, construction and handicraft activities inside the hall, setting up of mechanical and electrical installations, and arranging of the exterior. Kolektor Koling was engaged as a supplier and a contractor of the central control system for the entire object and mechanical and electrical installations.

To ensure modern and effective venting in this sports object, Kolektor Koling supplied and built in all elements required for preparation and distribution of air, it realized the entire system of water installations and heating and cooling installations. Preparation of air for air-conditioning purpose is realized with 10 air-conditioning devices prepping a total of 100.000 m3/h air for the purpose of venting square and round venting ducts of total surface of almost 3000 m2 and is supplied into the hall via air injection elements, in some places even from the height of 18 meters.  To ensure appropriate operation of such a system and to set up very favourable micro-climate conditions in the object, elements had to be set very precisely and appropriate measurements had to be conducted. Thanka to excellent operation of all systems, the European championship was thus held in great atmosphere and the visitors were more than pleased.

ŠD PodmežaklaŠD Podmežakla

Cooling of the hall is realized by means of an ammonia heat-pump of nominal power 400 kW, which preps cool water to ensure operation of air-conditioning devices. Built in is also a system for exploiting of waste heat of the cooling system serving for heating of the object and for preparing of the sanitary water.

For purpose of heating of the object in winter, the object is connected to the city heating distribution of total connective power 1006 kW. Warm water is transported to individual users via three compact  heat stations and branches within the system of heating of the object and the system for preparation of the warm sanitary water.

The system of water installations is realized of top quality materials currently available with purpose of preventing any problems in case of inappropriate sanitary water. In the course of construction of the object, much attention was paid to elimination of eventual blind connections on the water installation.  The new system of water installation incl. automation is realized so that it ensures required maintenance of the quality of water.

Entire operation of systems is run via a central control system also realized by Kolektor Koling. All required parameters can be monitored via CNS.

In the time of the European basketball championship the hall could welcome spectators. As the Podmežakla becomes a hockey fortification, its capacity will be diminished to 4.500 spectators.

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