Kolektor Koling Project Among Top Energy Saving Projects


Energy Efficiency Center of the Jožef Stefan Institute that organizes the Eurem training for energy managers has granted licenses to the 8th generation of graduates. The license for energy manager was granted also to Brane Brelih, Executive Director for Installations in Kolektor Koling, who has prepared the project Optimization of the exhaust and lighting system in the Kolektor Bosna production hall.

Brane Brelih, Kolektor KolingProject assignment - as the first Eurem project outside of Slovenia - focuses on the savings of electric energy in the exhaust and lighting system in production hall. "Due to different modes of line occupancy in the production process and consequential need for air exhaust, I have worked on and discussed the possibility of installing a ventilator regulation system via frequency converter and controlling-regulating system. The analysis and the measurements I have made, proved that the investment in the suggested solution would recoup in 2 to 3 years and that it is well worth considering," claims Brelih. "In the second part of my project assignment, I have focused on the replacement of 250W mercury lamp with 55W LED lamps. The investment in the replacement of lighting was necessary due to insufficient intensity of illumination of the hall.  The calculations of the intensity of illumination led me to the conclusion that the connection power of the lighting can be reduced from 28 kW to 15 kW." At the same time, the data on the occupancy of individual lines of machines from the exhaust regulation system can be used and with the regulation of lighting additional savings of electric energy can be reached (approximately 16 %). The investment costs are €45,350, while the potential to reduce the costs at an annual level is €10,200. It is planned to annually save 206 thousand kWh of electric energy and reduce the CO2 emissions by 106 tons.

In Germany, Eurem training has started in 1997, and in Slovenia in 2006. It is a worldwide program with four thousand energy managers having the European license. 18 energy managers were granted the license in Slovenia this year. Their project can contribute to saving 3,655 tons of CO2 emissions, and the average period of investments to recoup is good six years.

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