Acquire selection program for air-conditioning devices airCalc++


Kolektor Koling d.o.o., and its business center Air-Conditioning, designing and manufacturing of air-conditioning devices within said company, applies a selection program called airCalc++, a state-of-art and among manufacturers of air-conditioning devices in Europe very widely spread program for fast selection and thermodynamic calculation of most appropriate air-conditioning device tailored for each separate project resp. customer.

In regard to realization features and project requirements, we define:

  • Device type;
  • Device size, and
  • component parts depending on functions required for a particular device.

This way we acquire useful information – from technical characteristics (power of elements, performance, noise level, dimensions, weight, etc.) up to an initial drawing including all dimensions in various views.
The program is a very effective tool for project designers who can make calculations on their own, already following a short training, without the support of the manufacturer. Such calculations are applied in preparation of projects, while drawings can be exported into dwg form, inserted in different views into the project documents. Calculations are sent to the producer who states the price of the air-conditioning device for purpose of estimating of the investment.

All realized calculations and projects are saved in a table enabling filtering under the time criteria and searching in all positions.


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