The red thread of this year's World Engineering Forum is Sustainable Construction for People


Ljubljana hosts this year's World Engineering Forum joining experts from all over the world to present and exchange their knowledge and significant opinions about »Sustainable Construction for People«, thus place Slovenia onto the world's construction map. The goal of the forum, sponsored by Kolektor Koling is to connect the industry, the economy and the politics with a fresh impetus to the construction branch facing one of the deepest crisis in the history.

Engineers, politicians, researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world will meet from 17 to 21 September 2012 in Grand hotel in Ljubljana, to present and exchange their opinions about the sustainable construction of buildings and infrastructure, a major challenge of the 21st century.

Kolektor Koling as a sponsor enables realization of this grand event. "Main focus is on the infrastructure and people-friendly construction: the cities and the urban environment, green buildings, sustainable construction and safety from natural catastrophes. Since energy efficiency and responsibility towards our environment  are very important elements of the business strategy of Kolektor Koling, we decided to sponsor the event ", explains Mr. Tine Vadnal, Director, and adds  that sustainable planning of projects and energy efficient construction are the economic and environmental must in Slovenia as well as in the world.

Shortage of energy and environmental awareness shall be the two main motors for the development of the construction field in the next decade. Organizers of the World Engineering Forum thus wish to carry on the motto of the last year's convention in Geneva: Engineers make the world go around.

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