Air-handling unit for Simobil conference center and shop in BTC City


Kolektor Koling is one of the Slovene producers of air-handling units. Air handling units are the results of the in-house development based on the long experiences in the field of development, design and production of air handling units, as well as know-how in the field of air conditioning. Realization of several buildings different in their size and the complexity of air conditioning proves that. For Simobil, we produced the air-handling unit for a new conference center and a shop in BTC City.

he ventilation of the Simobil conference center and the shop in BTC City Ljubljana was planned with the central air conditioning unit for outdoor installation with highly efficient energy recuperation (by recuperation of heat from the waste air with the highest effect of energy recuperation). Such solution belongs to the highly efficient technologies, which have small impact on the environment thanks to its system of operation, and are more economical in terms of energy consumption.

We have supplied the air-handling unit without hot water air heater to heat fresh intake air in wintertime. The device has highly efficient stable air regenerator that reaches energy recuperation of over 91 % while in the summertime, the device cools and dries the intake air by means of the integrated compressor cooling system. The cooling agent is ecologically acceptable and non-toxic cooling gas R 410 A the physical properties of which enable lower energy consumption during the operation of the cooling system in comparison to other comparable cooling gases. Integrated functional components, such as fans, are also energy-optimized through the technology of electronically commutated electric motors.

The device operates with 100% fresh air and it provides the regulation of the amount of fresh air based on the sensor for CO2 in the outlet airflow. This means that the device automatically adjusts the airflow based on the room occupancy. Such solution enables energy-efficient operation of the device and ensures the necessary comfort in the air-conditioned rooms.

Automatic operation of air handling unit and its monitoring is run via free programmable DDC processor with the program function, which is the result of the in-house knowledge and experiences, and is adjusted to the requirements of each individual building.


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