Successfully completed construction project – Delamaris Kal building


On Friday, October 10th, Delamaris ceremonially opened a new building, Delamaris Kal, for processing of fish and production of fish products. The company behind construction is Kolektor Koling with its sub-contractors.

The new building turns over a new page in the 135-year long tradition of Delamaris. Built in compliance with the highest standards for the fish processing industry, considers all environmental and sustainability aspects. Delamaris representatives claim that the design of the building will enable further growth and increase in capacities, ensuring excellent starting point for expanding of sales on existing markets and for entering new markets.The new building is surely a symbol of development and progress of Delamaris. "I wish for the stable upward trend of the business started in Izola to continue also in Kal near Pivka. I believe we can do this on grounds of hard work, tight cooperation, understanding, quality and innovativeness", said at the opening ceremony Mr. Aleksander Debevec, Director of Delamaris Kal.  Mr. Dejan Židan, M.Sc., Minister of agriculture, forestry and food, stressed that this investment represents stable 70 workplaces and has potential for further 50 workplaces very much needed in the Inner Carniola-Karst region.

Kolektor Koling and its subcontractors built the factory on 7,200 square meters near the Pivka perutninarstvo plant in Kal near Pivka.  Delamaris invested a total of Eur 6.4 million, of which Eur 5.8 million for construction and tradesman's work and Eur 585,000 for production equipment. This project was granted Eur 3.5 million non-refundable funds thru a public tender of the Ministry of agriculture and the environment.

The ribbon was cut by Mrs. Timka Kasič, Delamaris, and the Minister for agriculture, forestry and food, Mr. Dejan Židan (foto: Delamaris).

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