Kolektor Koling Developed an Energy-Saving and (highly) Hygienic Air-conditioning Device


With the new air-conditioning device KOLEKTOR AIR KA model H, Kolektor Koling managed to score big points. Beside energy-efficiency, said air-conditioning device boasts the hygiene certificate of the renowned German institute TÜV NORD, which is extremely rare not only on the domestic, Slovene market, but also on the European market.

"Acquisition of the hygiene certificate, on part of the internationally recognized institute TÜV NORD from Germany, for low-energy air-conditioning devices is a great breakthrough in the field of development of air-conditioning devices in Slovenia. With this certificate, Kolektor Koling now offers air-conditioning devices addressing users with very strict and high requirements for venting. Certified air-conditioning devices are suitable for pharmacy, food-processing industry, and mostly for hospitals", explained Mr. Branko Gabrič, Executive manager for air-conditioning and ventilation, and added: "with our certified, energy-saving air-conditioning unit, we plan to penetrate also those foreign markets where we are already an entity, and moreover have high hopes for the domestic market with running projects of energy renovations of hospitals and other pretentious objects." Kolektor Koling stresses that the hygiene certificate is an additional warranty for the contractors.

TÜV NORD Group, the institute that awarded Kolektor Koling the hygiene certificate, is one of the largest technical servicing companies. It provides counselling, services and inspection know-how and experience in more than 70 countries around the world, operating on its maxim - making our world safer.

Testing of an unit for hygienic preparation of air is based on the DIN 1946: – part 4: VAC systems in buildings and rooms used in the health care sector (12/2008), while also other European standards for such applications are taken into consideration. To acquire the TÜV NORD certificate, a company needs to successfully pass a test, fulfilling numerous requirements referring mainly to cleaning of the air-conditioning unit, its technical properties, structure of internal walls and built-in components, used materials, etc.



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