Solar Power Plants

Beside great energy dependence, limited sources of fossil fuels, consequent increase in their price and a negative impact on the environment are the main reason for searching of new energy sources. Renewable energy sources represent an inexhaustible potential and are considered the energy sources of the future. The solar radiance is a permanent energy source.  The solar energy is clean, quiet and also profitable, and can greatly influence the level of costs from operating of companies and costs for the energy consumed in our homes.

An investment into a solar power plant is economically justifiable. Throughout a longer period of time it pays off without any additional financial burdens, and once it pays off completely, it may represent a substantial additional revenue.

Elements influencing the profitability of a solar power plant

Thus the elements that need considering are:

  • Sunlight rate, selection of location;
  • Selection of producers of elements applied in the solar power plant;
  • Ratio between the investment and the produced electricity, varying from one provider to another;
  • Professional staff with references;
  • Guarantee provided by the company – the contractor;
  • Contractor's integral or partial service? - Kolektor Koling is namely provider of integral solutions, from an idea to the perfect realization.

Additional info regarding solar power plants

Solar power plant – your idea, our realization

In the phase of elaborating of the project and of building up of a solar power plant we attend to your wishes in order to achieve, together, the optimal result – your satisfaction.

We offer:

  • Analysis of the chosen location and of the equipment intended for the solar power plant, by means of software tools;
  • Counselling in assembling and in erecting of the system;
  • Elaborating of the required projects (idea, outline, project of the realized work);
  • Building of the solar power plant;
  • Servicing;
  • Managing of the administrative procedures (filing in of applications, acquiring of the required permits, connection to the network, acquiring of declarations for production devices);
  • Turnkey Power plants.

Recent references in the field of solar power plants

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