Heat Pumps

Thermal pumps represent an energy-efficient and environmental-friendly heating method.

Thermal pumps are devices using the warmth/heat from the environment to transform/transmit it into applicable warmth/heat for heating up of rooms/spaces. The warmth/heat pumped by the thermal pumps from the environment is actually the solar energy accumulated in various substances.

Thermal pumps take the warmth/heat from the substances on a lower T level and emit it into the heating system on a higher T level.
To make this possible, driving energy is to be part of such circular process.

In order to transmit the warmth, a thermal pump requires an operating media transmitting the warmth from the environment into an optional heating system by modifying the aggregate state Cooling agents are applied as the operating means. The cooling agents tend to evaporate at lower temperatures 8receive the energy from the environment) and condensate (emit warmth) at higher temperatures. Only the cooling agents not damaging the environment are applied.

In a thermal pump, the process unwinds in a closed circuit. In a vaporiser (1), a cooling agent vaporizes by means of the warmth from the environment (5). The vaporized cooling agent travels thru a compressor (2), where, due to the mechanical labour of the compressor, its pressure and T rise. In the condenser (3), the vaporized cooling agent vaporizes and emits the warmth to the media (6) warming it up. The liquefied and cooled cooling agent travels thru the damping valve (4) where it expands to a lower pressure and travels back into the vaporiser. This circular process is repeated while the pump is in operation.

The ratio between the acquired energy and the invested labour is called the heating number. Its value depends on the type of the thermal pump and on the source of the environment heat/warmth.

Modern thermal pumps reach a heating number between 2,5 and max 4,5. This means that for a part of the invested labour we gain 1,5 to 3,5 free energy.

A thermal pump is an energy-efficient device using a renewable source of energy with minimal burdening of the environment.

Of Kolektor Koling – KK thermal pumps

KK thermal pumps comprise of top-quality components of the leading producers of the cooling technology products.

Components selected with much care, assembled into a perfected system ensure reliable application and permanent efficient operation.

Quality of KK thermal pumps

  • Reliable operation also at low temperatures (-15 C°);
  • High yearly heating number;
  • Eco cooling agent R410A applied;
  • Effective control by means of the CAREL control units;
  • Easy accessing and changing of parameters;
  • Innovative solution ensuring adequate quantity of sanitary water throughout the year.