Energy Renovation of Buildings

Energy-renovation of buildings is required buildings expensive in terms of energy due to high energy loss (in poorly insulated buildings, heat losses may represent one third of the total heat energy required in a building).

Renovation of older buildings with obsolete thermal coat and energy systems is quite demanding, but the investment pays off for after the energy sanitation the energy saving is substantial. Nevertheless, a decision to perform energy sanitation on an old building requires much consideration for interventions of this kind may leave a mark on a building's operation and on its inhabitants for decades to come.

Energy renovation of buildings includes:

Improvement of the energy efficiency of the building's coat;

  • Heat insulation of the external walls;
    • Exchange of windows;
    • Heat insulation of the attic and of the roof;
  • Renovation of the heating system.

Services and Products

Kolektor Koling – provider of integral solutions for construction projects in energy renovation of buildings provides:

  • Energy inspection of buildings;
  • Elaboration of project documents for the energy sanitation;
  • Analysis of given conditions and installation of systems for measuring of the consumption of energy resources;
  • Realization of energy sanitation of buildings:
    • Construction & tradesman's work (fasade, heat insulation, etc.);
    • Installation works (venting, heating and cooling systems, preparation of sanitary water, illumination, controls);
  • Realization of control and monitoring systems, including the energy portal.


Kolektor AIR venting systems and air-conditioning units

Energy-efficient air-conditioning devices are the result of proper development and experiences of many years gathered on part of top experts.

Three pillars are typical of the energy-efficient air-conditioning:

  • System for adiabatic cooling by means of a recuperator;
  • Integrated compression system;
  • Intelligent electronic controls.

Fasade, heat insulation of the coat

Great savings and aesthetic perfection – in cooperation with our technological partners we provide a wide assortment of top-quality systems for contact heat-insulation facades.

Appropriate insulation of the external coat of a building (façade) will save us up to 30% of total energy. Loss of heat thru walls, roof and floor may amount up to 50% of total  heat loss in a building.

Air density

Poor air density causes constructional problems of a building. Since, with the change of the T, the pressure level of the air change, the air looks for non-tight parts of the object thus leaks into the outside. In transition thru constructional sub-systems of a building the air cools and, in a certain point during the transition, tends to condensate. This results in mildew, consequently causing constructional problems and decreasing the quality of living in such a building.

Products and Services of Kolektor Koling:

  • Test Blower-Door – measuring air-density of an object;
  • Installation of modern heating systems, and
  • Installation of air-tight timber elements prevents and sanitizes the unwanted leaking of heat into the building's coat.

Solar power plant – choose the right partner

High level of sunlight in Slovenia is not the only condition for profitability of a solar power plant. Kolektor Koling is part of the highly technological international Kolektor group with its seat in Slovenia, representing additional safety and warranty for high quality standards for photovoltaic modules and a long-term support for smooth operation of the solar power plant.

As a rule, investment into a solar power plant pays off in nine to ten years. Throughout the anticipated life-span of 35 years a solar power plant of power class 10kWp shall reduce the CO2 emission into the air by 200 t, which equals 520 trees.

Water thermal pumps

Switch to water! As a source of energy/warmth, in thermal pumps under the system water/water, underground water is used thru pumping up by the thermal pump evaporator by means of a submerged pump or some other pump.

The thermal pump represents a 100% renewable source for heating. The water pump replaces fossil fuels. Savings on the yearly level start at EUR 1500.

Mechanical and electro installations

Integral solutions lead to long-term precedence. Kolektor Koling offers specialized integral solutions in the fields of engineering, project designing and realizing of all types of pipe installations, installations for venting and air-conditioning for objects featuring low and effective consumption of the conventional and the alternative sources of energy.

Services from the field of electro installations include realization and engineering of all types of power- and light-current installations.

Automation. CSS – Central surveillance system for controlling of functioning of all systems

Managing and control over savings. The CSS is a system for managing of a building including complete automation and control. It links all sub-systems into a joint spot from where all connected devices are managed from a single central or from several positions.

Our services
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