Electrical Installations

Realization and engineering of all types of power current and low-tension current installations for structures and devices in industrial and business facilities, hotels, and commercial centers.

We specialize in HVAC system installations for machines and automation of buildings.

Our offer of energy-efficient turn-key structures has been supplemented by a program featuring photovoltaic power stations.


  • Know-how from the field of automation of buildings and electric installations of mechanical devices
  • Constant professional training and education in the filed of the Construction Act and the area of expertise
  • Application of the modern software for efficient managing of projects
  • Application of the modern software for project designing of the photovoltaic systems
  • Preparation of an idea study and calculation
  • Preparation of appropriate documents for realization of technical inspections of objects


  • Delivery and mounting of equipment
  • Application of modern technological equipment and tools
  • Control over realized activities and measurements as to the power- and weak-current installations with proper measuring equipment
  • Realization engineering of electric installations of objects, devices, and technological arrangements
  • Delivery and mounting and project design of the general and safety illumination
  • Delivery and mounting of electric installations for power-current distribution boards

Recent references in the field of electrical installations

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