Civil Engineering

Department of civil engineering within Kolektor Koling d.o.o. operates under the principle »from idea to realization« through its expertise, know-how and experiences.

We offer integral approach to the preparation and implementation of investments in the field of industrial, business and residential constructions, from conceptual plan, planning and realization to the actual start of using the building.

Furthermore, our approach to various adaptations and maintenance in the existing buildings is responsible and professional.

A project preparation phase

  • Preliminary studies
  • Investment programs
  • Conceptual plans

In practice, preliminary studies or investment programs are reasonable particularly in case of larger construction projects (projects dictated by the development of new products, programs or technologies).

Investor's decision to construct a building is based on the positive estimation of preliminary study on the investment, meaning that the planned investment is possible and sufficiently successful at the same time.

Preparation for realization phase

  • Acquisition of building permit
  • Organization and management of invitations to tender
  • Time schedule for project implementation
  • Analysis and procedures for the selection of a subcontractor
  • (Elaboration of tenders for the investor)
  • Preparation and signing of subcontracts

As regards project management, this phase is very important for collection of tenders (public tenders, open invitations to tender) and selection of subcontractors specialized in construction, craft trade and installation works is made based on the analysis of tenders received (criteria: prices, payment and other financial terms, references, staff, construction period, etc.). Based on the selection of subcontractors a tender for the investor is elaborated.
Upon the selection of subcontractors and offer confirmed by the investor, ordering of services and products follows – preparation and signing of subcontracts.

Implementation phase includes the activities of construction, handover and trial operation.

  • Realization of construction, craft trade and installation works
  • Control of workflow/coordination
  • Professional supervision and accounting control
  • Technical inspection
  • Handover and quality inspection of a building
  • Final statement of account
  • Final report (technical and financial part)
  • Inspection of a building during warranty period/repair of possible deficiencies

Construction of a building includes construction, craft trade and installation works, and often also fitting of installations and equipment. In this phase, professional supervision of construction works must be assured.

After the construction is completed, building is handed over with technical inspection, quality acceptance and final statement of account. After repair of possible deficiencies, subcontractor is released from all contractual obligations towards the investor, with the exception of elimination of defects during “test run” and warranty period as agreed in the contract.

As the project is completed, final report with technical and financial part must be made.

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