Kolektor Koling

There is increasing competition for better effectiveness and focus on the global market. With development and growth of business companies, the needs for professional complex systems that contribute to a better welfare of the users and their higher efficiency are getting bigger. All this is joined in the services that make it easier for our customers to perform investment activities.


The main mission of Kolektor Koling is complete solutions – from an idea to the construction, which makes it easier for our customers to perform investment activities:

  • making outline plans, architectural plans of buildings, mechanical and electro installations, including technical acceptance and acquiring operating license;
  • increasing business effectiveness and reducing customer costs with complete solutions, including regular maintenance of buildings and equipment;
  • developing modern and economically efficient solutions in the field of residential areas and work places, heating, air conditioning and ventilation;
  • care for welfare, healthy environment and to cause as little harm to the environment as possible.


Our vision is to become the leading Slovenian company in the field of investment activities from an idea to the construction. Our foundation is four key fields ( civil engineering and architecture, electro and mechanical installations, air conditioning and ventilation, energetics ), which, besides having a synergetic effect on collective action, also enable individuality of each separate unit.


  • Tine Vadnal, director

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